Trash~Recycling~ Yard Waste~Bulky Item

Pick-up is on Thursdays.

Set out by 6:00 a.m.

Per City Code: do not set out any earlier than the evening before pickup.

Deviation from this policy may result in trash not being picked up.

Holiday Schedule -- No pickup on these days. Service is delayed one day.

Call Customer Service 800-964-8988 to be placed on automated call list for changes in pickup service and other information.

You may view the Holiday Schedule online.

• New Year's Day

• Martin Luther King Jr. Day

• Memorial Day

• 4th of July

• Labor Day

• Thanksgiving Day

• Christmas Day

Household Trash (Cart with the black lid)

• All trash should be placed in bags and placed inside the cart.

• Place your cart at the curb by 6 a.m. each Thursday.

• Make sure the arrows on the cart are pointing toward the street (hinges toward your house).

• Any trash that does not fit in the cart should be in a bag with a sticker.

• Stickers for extra bags are available by calling Deffenbaugh (630-652-9280).

• The first trash day after the 4th of July and Christmas will not require a sticker or additional bags.

• The cart(s) belongs to Waste Management. The original owner will be charged for a replacement if it is missing for any reason.

Recycling (Cart with the yellow lid)

See attached document (below) for acceptable and unacceptable recyclables.

• Recyclables should be placed loosely inside the cart (no bags, please).

• Place the Recycling Cart at least 3 feet away from the Trash Cart.

• See below for a downloadable list of permitted and non-permitted items.

Yard Waste

• Yard waste items should be in KRAFT paper bags.

• Branches tied in bundles should be placed beside your carts.

• A combination of 8 bags or bundles is allowed each week Jan-Sept. Oct-Dec.- 10 bags/bundles allowed each week

• Additional items over 10 require a sticker as mentioned above.

Bulky Item

Pickup days: 3rd Thursday of each month

One heavy/bulky item pickup is allowed each month.

• Item must be able to be lifted by 2 men.

• Item over 6 feet long should be cut in half.

• At least one day prior to the pickup day, call Waste Management (913-631-3300) to request pickup of your item.

• Set the item out before 6:00 am of the pickup day.

• If a neighbor picks up your item, please call and cancel your request.

• Pick up is by a separate truck.

• If the item is not picked up by Friday afternoon, please let us know (

Unacceptable Bulky Items:

• Hazardous waste material

• Freon items

• Remodeling/construction debris

• Yard waste

• Household trash