Delinquent Dues Policy

May is the first month of the fiscal year for Antioch Hills, and the time we pay our homes association dues for the coming year.

Your board takes pride in administering a conservative budget to keep the AHHA dues as low as possible. Your homes association dues pay for the administration, accounting, and function of the neighborhood, as well as trash removal, recycling, yard waste pickup, and bulky item pickup.

Please put your check in the mail when you get the bill for dues to avoid the consequences of late and delinquent dues.

  • Dues are due on May 1 when the first bill is sent. Payment needs to be received by May 31 to avoid an interest charge.

  • A second bill is sent on June 1 with interest added. The balance is due upon receipt for the dues and interest.

  • Trash service is shut off on June 15 if the dues plus interest have not been received.

  • A lien is filed against the property on July 1 for the dues, interest, and lien-filing fee if the balance due has not been received.

  • After July 15, legal action may be initiated for the balance due plus court costs and legal fees.

Once interest charges have accrued, they are not written off.

Once trash service has been cut off, it can take two (2) weeks to be re-established.

Once a lien has been filed, the only way to release the lien is to pay the dues, interest, lien-filing fee and any other legal fees incurred by AHHA.

Don't delay. Pay your homes association dues promptly to avoid additional cost and inconvenience.

Thank you,

Antioch Hills Homes Association Board of Directors